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Today we’ll share with you how to have the perfect trip to Bali. Bali is currently one of the most visited places in South East Asia. Of course, we had to explore this little island in Indonesia. Since back then, Bali has a very special meaning to us. We were able to experience the #balivibe that everyone is talking about nonstop and we totally fell for it. It is for sure true, that you can feel a special atmosphere everywhere you go. People are just enjoying their life, chilling on the beach, eating açaí bowls, surfing and watching sunsets. But you’ll also meet entrepreneurs who set up their businesses or experts who decided to live there. Bali offers that kind of lifestyle, that everyone dreams about, including us. So here’s a guide to what we did. Since, there are so many options it might help some of you to get your trip sorted or just get some inspiration.

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Our Travel route

We’ve been to Bali for a month in total, whereas the last two weeks we just stayed in Canggu. In the first two weeks we were exploring Bali and the surrounding islands. So, that’s how we traveled:


Canggu was the first stop of our trip to Bali. We’ve been there for 4 nights. In the beginning, we recommend staying in Canggu or Seminyak for at least 2-3 nights to adapt to the climate and conditions in Bali. Afterward you can start exploring the island.

Get there: From the airport the cheapest option is taking a Grab scooter. The location from where the scooters are starting is actually outside of the airport and not that easy to find. So just ask the locals at the airport where to go, they’ll most likely show you. It takes about 1 hour to get to Canggu depending on the traffic. We paid 35.000 IDR (2,25 €) per person to get to the center of Canggu. Keep in mind: The prices can rise depending on the time and demand.

Accommodation: If you are traveling alone a hostel is probably the best option to stay, since it’s pretty cheap. However, for couples or a group on a budget (like us) oftentimes an Airbnb is the cheapest option. PLUS it’s comfier and more private than a hostel. This can be transferred to nearly every place in South East Asia, especially Bali.


To get to Ubud, we took a Grab and drove ca. 1 hour. We paid 100.000 IDR (6,20€) per person for the drive. It was very expensive, because we went midday where the prices start to rise. We would recommend going in the morning where it’s cheaper. From Ubud, we explored the north of the island. This town is perfect as a base for doing day trips to the rice terraces, waterfalls, Mount Batur, etc. We stayed in Ubud for 5 days in total, since there’s a lot to discover. (And Sophia got Bali Belly, but that’s another story :D)

Get there: To reach Ubud you could possibly drive by yourself if you are traveling alone and you can handle driving with your luggage. We chose to go by Grab again, since it was cheaper for us and more comfortable. (By Grab we mean by scooter ordered by Grab. Cars are usually more expensive and way slower.)

Nusa Penida

Probably everyone that comes to Bali wants to visit Nusa Penida to see the breath-taking view over Kelingking Beach. So did we.

Get there: To get to Nusa Penida you need to get to the port of Samur, which is approximately 60 min from Canggu. A Grab from Ubud is 40.000 IDR (2,48€) per person. From the port you can take a speedboat to the island, which takes 1 hour. You could also do day trips, but we wanted to explore Nusa Penida by ourselves and have the opportunity to do our own thing. For the speedboat to the island we paid 150.000 IDR (9,30€) per person.

Tip #1: Always bargain about the speedboat tickets (or basically about anything in Bali). They try to sell it as expensive as possible, but you can actually get a better price if you bargain with them. In the beginning, they wanted to sell the speedboat tickets for 250.000 IDR per person to us.

Tip #2: Please, do not rent scooters directly from the Nusa Penida port. Those are really life-threatening. Tourists regularly face accidents because of these guys. Since I’ve been there a couple times (Long) I’ve got a mate who rents bikes in normal conditions with working breaks and lights. Feel free to DM me and I’ll drop you his contact. 60.000 IDR per day/per scooter

Nusa Ceningan/ Nusa Lembongan

From Nusa Penida we took a day trip to Nusa Ceningan and Lembongan, which are two islands around Bali that are connected through a bridge.

Get there: You can buy the tickets for a boat to Nusa Ceningan at the port in Nusa Penida. The cheapest option is buying a ticket with the local boats. You can find these on the left side of the port in Nusa Penida. The tickets cost 100.000 IDR (6,20€) per person. The drive takes about 30-40 minutes by boat. Once you have arrived, you can rent a scooter for the day to get around on the islands.

Tip: Make sure to return to the last ferry on time which should be around 4 or 5 pm. Low tide in Nusa Ceningan is pretty strong. Don’t be late, otherwise you’ll have to spend a night at this beautiful place.

Gili Air

From Nusa Penida it takes around 4 hours by boat to reach the Gili Islands. We decided to visit Gili Air, since we preferred to chill. We would recommend staying for 1-2 nights. As the islands are very small, there are not that many activities to do. So, you just chill at the beach and eat all day long or go snorkeling.

Get there: From Nusa Penida you can take a ferry to get to the Gili Islands. The tickets are sold at the port. Unfortunately, the tickets are very expensive. One way to Gili is about 350.000 IDR (21,75€) per person.

Tip: Talk to your local host who’ll arrange the best ticket prices for you. It’ll be a secret between you and your host. The only transportation on Gili Air happens with horse coaches or by foot. Please walk, fellas. You’ll reach any place within 15 minutes by walk.

Kuta, Lombok

Many travelers say that Lombok is like the old Bali, before it became touristy. It is indeed a little bit quieter than Bali. However, exploring Lombok was a lot of fun and we enjoyed our stay there a lot. Especially the beaches in Lombok are absolutely incredible. Our mainstay was in Kuta, from where we did day trips to explore the surrounding areas. In total, we visited Lombok for 4 days.

Get there: From Gili you can reach Lombok by boat within 30 minutes. Since this is only a small boat, it costs around 22.000 IDR (1,35€) per person. On Lombok we stayed in Kuta, which is in the south of the island. To get there we took a taxi, which took pretty long to arrive at our hotel (about 2 hours).

Uluwatu, South Bali

After that, we flew back from Lombok to Denpasar. The flight was 613.000 IDR (38€) per person including luggage. You could also go by boat, but it takes several hours and is very inconvenient. Anyways, it’s up to you! For the next two weeks we were living in Canggu. One time we did another day trip to see the south of Bali. We rented a motorcycle and drove down to Uluwatu. You could also spend some time there to go surfing and explore a little bit more, but we felt most comfortable in Canggu.

We hope these tips were helpful for your next trip to Bali. Enjoy your time on the island! And if you have further questions, let us know in the comments! Btw here you get to our Food Guide for Bali. 🙂


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