Currently we are living in a very strange situation, where many people on this earth are locked in their homes for most of the time. I know from my own experience how hard it can be during quarantine-times to stay positive Who would have known some weeks ago, that this Corona-thing would actually have such a huge impact on so many individuals? In Germany during lockdown you are allowed to go out for necessities and one daily form of exercise outside – THANK GOD. I would not know what to do if we were not even able to go for a walk in the sun.

For many people including me it is hard to keep a healthy and positive mindset during this time. First of all, this is absolutely okay and the first step is to accept these feelings. Although it is also very important to focus on keeping a healthy mindset, since it boosts our immune system. Which is very important to not get sick. So if you are also struggling and want to improve your mental and physical health here are some tips that helped me a lot.

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One thing that can help you to stay more positive during quarantine is meditation. I guess you have heard of meditation before. Many people online and offline are talking about it, especially now. I have started meditating regularly in January of this year and it really helped my mental state a lot. As we are remaining in very confusing and uncontrollable circumstances your thoughts can easily be all over the place. Meditation can help you sort all those feelings. As a result you’ll experience calmness and relaxation afterward. From my own experience I know that it can be hard to begin with something completely new like this, so here’s a podcast I really liked. It shows you how you can start with meditation if you have never done it before: (Unfortunately it’s only in German, but I’ll link an English version too asap) I also like to just listen to the “Yoga & Meditation” playlist on Spotify.


Moving my body in some kind of way always leaves me feeling good. When you are moving, your body releases endorphins. That is why you feel so happy and content after a workout. We know this whole quarantine, staying-at-home-thing seduces you to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. However, I would recommend to move at least once a day and do a little workout or go for a walk (if allowed by the government) or just do Yoga. Find some kind of movement that you really like, it does not have to be an intense HIT-session. Currently there are millions of free home workouts on social media, that you could possibly do. Here are some of my favorites (for free):


Another activity that can really help you sort your thoughts and keep a positive mindset during quarantine is journaling. To be honest I am not journaling regularly, even though it can have a very positive impact on yourself. When I am journaling I am particularly writing down our feelings and emotions when I am not feeling very good. It is a good way to get these pulling down thoughts that keep circling through your mind out of the way. Once you have written down your concerns you 100% feel lighter and there is more room for positivity. What you are writing has not to be in a certain order, just write whatever comes to your mind. We would recommend using an empty notebook that is just being used for journaling, so you have all of your old journals at one place. If you keep doing this regularly or when you feel like you need it is up to you!

Healthy Food & Cooking

In quarantine we tend to eat more than we normally would, because the fridge is just around the corner. 😀 First of all, that is absolutely fine. You should not be guilty of eating a little bit more than usual. However, I guess mostly you tend to eat more unhealthy food. At least, I do. So here’s a thing: You feel way more energized and healthy if you make food for yourself that includes ingredients that fuel your body. Now is the time where you can make up crazy recipes or just try out different things online. It is so much fun to cook healthy and nurturing meals- just give it a go! And I guess it’s not that bad if you end up having some ice cream for dessert, because that happens to all of us. 🙂


Let’s be honest – In our daily life self-care oftentimes is not our top priority. However, now that we all have plenty of time, it is something that you could do more often. Because what feels better than having a whole day or evening just to yourself, where you do all the things that make you happy? Also, there’s so guide to what you should do exactly. It could be taking a bath or doing a face cleansing or doing your nails or just watching Netflix. YOU know best what makes your soul happy, so take time for yourself and enjoy!

We hope these tips help you to keep a positive mindset during this pandemic and staying in quarantine!

Feel free to share some of your experiences and activities that you have been doing in the comments!

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