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The destination for our second road trip this year was Slovenia. And what can we say? Slovenia really surprised us by its diversity and beauty. From spectacular mountainsides to Mediterranean coastal towns this country has it all. We will definitely come back and visit Slovenia again to see all of the things we’ve missed during our short one-week road trip.

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to camp on budget in Slovenia and our one-week travel itinerary for this road trip. It’s perfect if you are having a shorter time limit, but want to see as much of Slovenia’s beauty as possible.

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Camping in Slovenia

First of all, when you are camping/road tripping in Slovenia there are some things you need to pay attention to. Especially, if you are traveling on a budget like us.

  1. COVID-19 regulations: At first, in #coronatime it’s important to check the current regulations for your country regarding traveling to Slovenia. If you are German, you can find these informations here. When we were traveling Slovenia wasn’t a high-risk state, so we could cross the border without any problems.
  2. Wild camping: Unfortunately, wild camping is not permitted in Slovenia. Especially, in the national parks, the police are going to give you a fine. (up to 200 Euro) You might find some rare spots where you can stay for the night and the locals are okay with that. If you are doing that please take care of nature and don’t leave any traces! (aka. take your trash with you)
  3. Grocery Shopping: For grocery shopping, Hofer and Lidl are the cheapest options.
  4. Free Parking: If you need a parking spot to have lunch or if you want to explore a city, you can use the app Park4Night. Is shows you all the parking options in your area and oftentimes there are many free ones. This can save you a lot of money. 🙂
  5. Cheap Gas Stations: The gas in Slovenia is cheaper than in most countries of Europe. During our stay, we fueled up for around 1 Euro per liter, which is a lot less than for example in Germany, Italy, etc. Try to avoid the gas stations directly at the motorway. Most of the times the prices are way better somewhere next to the motorway or at an exit.

One-week Slovenia Road Trip Itinerary

We’ve been on the road for a week. As we are always traveling on budget, we decided to do car camping in Slovenia. Everything you need to know about car camping in general and how we’ve converted our Golf IV you can find in our blog post here.

With that being said, here’s our itinerary for a one-week road trip through Slovenia. We started in the North because we crossed the border from Germany, but this is basically a round trip, so you can start at any of these places depending on your starting location.

Kranjska Gora (Triglav National Park)

Our first stop in Slovenia was Kranjska Gora, which is located in the North-West of the country. In this area you can discover the beauty of the Triglav National Park by foot. The hikes and views are just spectacular.

Driving time: 4 hours from Munich
Stay: 1 night at Campo Spik in Gozd Martuljek (18 Euro p.p)

What to do there?

Hike to Martuljški slapovi waterfall
Start: Gozd Martuljek Hiking Parking Lot at the bridge
Roundway: Follow signs for Slap
Duration: around 1,5 hours one way

Soča Valley

From Kranjska Gora, we drove to the famous Soča Valley. The bluest river you’ll ever see is flowing through this valley. If you choose the route through the National Park (see Google Maps overview picture) instead of the round way, you’ll be rewarded with the most beautiful views over the mountain peaks on the way.

Driving time: 1 hour
Stay: 1 night 

What to do there?

Velika Korita View Point
Location: 10km south of Bovec in direction, you'll find it in the beginning of the road if you drive in direction of Lepena

Šunik Water grove
Start: Parking lot down the road at Velika Korita View Point, drive in direction of Lepena
Duration: 30 mins round way

Kozjak Waterfall 
Start: Drive to Kobarid and then into direction of Dreznica and you'll find the parking spot
Duration: ca. 1 hour round way
Must-know: the parking is fee-based and the waterfall also is 4 Euro p.p to enter
Alternative: Boca Waterfall


After all of the hiking and outdoor activities, it was time to head to the coast of Slovenia. You might not expect that, but this country has beautiful Mediterranean coastal towns like Piran. Piran is on the Northern part of the Slovenian coastline. It’s a little town which makes you feel like you are somewhere in Italy.

Driving time: 2 hours
Stay: 1 night

What to do there?

Have brunch at Caffe Teater directly at the promenade
Stroll around the little streets 
Sit at the promenade and watch the waves
Go to the Moon Bay 


Nanos is a low mountain range on the southeastern edge of the Julian Alps. We stopped there on our way to Ljubljana and went on a short hike. During the hikes there you get rewarded with the most beautiful views – so that’s definitely not something you want to miss.

Hike to Cerkev Sv. Jeronim Church (scenic moderate hike) 
Start: Lovska Koča Nanos Restaurant
Duration: 1 hour one way


Of course, you can’t miss Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana. This might be one of our new favorite cities in Europe. The vibe there is very special because it’s a small city compared to other European capitals. Also, the huge amount of students, cafes, and vintage stores gives Ljubljana a very unique touch.

Driving time: 1,5 hours
Stay: 2 nights at Gami Ex-Factory Lofts "Steel Apartment"

What to do there?

Eat your way though Ljubljana, there are so many options (our favorite: Abi Falafel)
Walk over the Triple Bridge in the centre of the city
Visit the castle
Go Vintage shopping (our favorite: Textile & Plum House Second Handle)


Bled was the last stop on our road trip because the weather was getting rainy and we decided to drive home one day earlier. Lake Bled is actually a pretty touristy location, but we wanted to visit anyways. Unfortunately, the weather was not good at all, but the rain gave that place a very special moody atmosphere.

Driving time: 45 mins
Stay: 1 night

What to do there?

Get a view over the lake at the Lookout Point  
Park in front of the lake and walk aronnd
Lake Bled


We would have wanted to visit Bohinj on the same day, but the rain just didn’t stop. That’s why we decided to skip this stop. At least, we now have a reason to come back to Slovenia.

That have been the stops we made during our one-week road trip through Slovenia. If you are interested in more road trip adventures in Europe, here you can find our two-week Italy road trip route.

Enjoy your trip to Slovenia and don’t forget to take in all the beautiful views you’ll see on the way!

Let us know in the comments, if you have any questions.

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