Okay, let me tell you a little bit about me first….I am Sophia, a 25-year old digital nomad, photographer & podcaster from Germany. After my engineering studies I felt that strong urge to build my own life instead of sitting in an office everyday. That is the reason why now you can find me exploring this globe most of the time. Going on adventures and trying to be the happiest version of myself is my new life. During the last 4 years I developed a strong passion for photography, podcasting and content creation. I build an online community that loves traveling as much as I do and does it in a mindful way.

So there’s that. Now let’s talk about Just Bohemian Kids. Just Bohemian Kids is a community for you!

(n.) gypsea, wanderer
A person who lives a free spirited life and believes in thruth, freedom and love.

It’s about all of us kids who love to explore, be free, and live our own truth. Somehow we are all lost souls in this big world, but together we many people who chase their dreams and live their best lives. You don’t have to fit in and do it the “normal” way, you will find your own path. And the “Just Bohemian Kids” are going to be by your side.

Love, Sophia