Ideally, having a valuable daily routine is here to improve your everyday life. It’s making your day more productive, is giving you a good mood and you’ll have more free time for yourself. One of the most important things to integrate into your daily routine are some activities you only do for yourself. These are for YOUR mental and physical health. For me, it is essential to do something for myself on a daily basis to stay positive. This could be anything that makes me happy. The following 9 tips have helped me personally to have a happy life, to be in a more positive mindset, and therefore have improved my daily routine a lot.

1 Go for a walk

I absolutely love going for walks. My favorites are long sunset walks after dinner. Sometimes I would listen to music, a podcast, or just to my surroundings. For me, it’s the perfect way to get my head free and sort my thoughts at the end of the day. Especially, when you have a full to-do list this is essential to stay sane. Also, this is a habit I started during the lockdown in March. I highly recommend leaving the house at least once a day for a short walk to keep a healthy mindset.

2 Be creative

For so many people, including me, creativity is the outlet of their emotions & feelings. It can basically be anything, from painting, doing DIYs to editing pictures or videos. I absolutely love editing, when I have free time for myself. I could be trying out different color schemes all day long. The best way is to find something that you are passionate about doing and just go for it! Paint that picture, start knitting, do that DIY!

3 Get inspired to improve your daily routine

Getting inspired by other people is a very powerful way for me to get my creativity going and get a different perspective on specific topics. It’s also a great way to free your mind and unwind from your everyday life. I love reading books or blog posts, watching motivational Youtube Videos (e.g. TED Talks), or listening to podcasts. Hearing other people’s stories oftentimes motivates me to work on myself and become a better person by working on my goals. However, keep in mind this doesn’t mean that you should scroll through your Instagram feed all day long because that has the opposite effect – it stresses you. I would say books and podcasts are a good off-screen source for inspiration, PLUS it’s an easy way to improve your daily routine.

Podcast Recommendations:

“The health code” by Sarah’s Day

“Behind the feed” by Josie Sanders

“Die EHFAR-Theorie” by Luisa Lion (german)

4 Meditation

As you already know, if you read some other blog posts, I am meditating very frequently. I try to meditate once a day for at least 5 minutes. I find it’s a good way to recognize my feelings and really be aware of my emotions. It has helped me a lot to be more grateful, present, and mindful on a daily basis. There are plenty of meditation guides and apps online, just look for what sounds interesting to you. I personally don’t use apps and guided meditations, but it’s probably a good way to start. For my meditations, I listen to calming music on Spotify.

5 Meeting friends

Honestly, I am more of an introverted person, that is why I struggle sometimes with maintaining my social contacts. Oftentimes I prefer doing things alone or with very close friends. However, meeting new people and just having a good chat is super helpful every now and then. I recognized, that new people with different perspectives on life can teach you so much. That’s why you should get out of your comfort zone! Because who knows, maybe that’s your new bestie that you are going to meet up with.

5 Do something new

This actually goes along very well with the previous point. Doing something new like meeting new people is an easy tool for me to get variation in my daily routine. When I try something that I’ve never done before it’s always super exciting and uncertain. That’s a feeling I crave when my everyday life is getting too “boring”. For that reason, I try to include new activities in my life like doing a new sport, running a new route, cooking a different meal etc… Go for the uncertainty and just do it! Additionally, it is also a good tool for your brain to get out of your comfort zone faster because it’s getting used to do new things. So that’s a very effective way to improve your daily routine in many areas.

6 Eating healthy

This is a hard one! I guess everybody knows by now that eating healthy is crucial for your mental and physical health. For me, it’s been a long journey to eat more mindful, try not to overeat, and cook fresh foods. I had to learn it the hard way, as I was struggling a lot with digestive issues due to my bad nutrition. But let me tell you, it actually can be so much fun to try out new recipes from Pinterest. Make it a fun process and don’t be discouraged if some things just don’t work for you. You learn as you go. In the beginning, you could start eating one healthy meal a day and work your way towards your goal.

7 Practice self-love

Self-love is such an essential part of being more mindful. If you don’t love yourself who else should? I made the experience that in times where I don’t love myself, I tend to push other people away. It made me very unhappy and I was digging a big hole for myself. And guess what, the only person that is going to get you out of there is yourself. SO, practice gratitude towards your body, your character, your soul. Try to accept every little thing about you, even if you might not like it. Because you are a freaking beautiful soul!

8 Read a book

Oh books! I LOVE a good book. Since I wasn’t able to travel as much this year I made an effort to read more. My favorite books are about mindfulness, happiness, positivity, and spirituality. However, sometimes I’m also down for a little love story. Let’s be honest, who isn’t?

Thought I’d share my current reads with you:

“Waking up” – Sam Harris

“Make it happen” – Jordanna Levin

“The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck”- Sara Knight

“After you” – Jojo Mojes

9 Spend time in nature

This one is actually my favorite. I grew up in a small village in the countryside, so I was in nature the whole day when I was young. Until this day nature has the ability to calm my thoughts, make me feel more present & content. That’s why I love outdoor activities like camping, hiking, mountain biking etc. The key is to find an activity you like doing and integrate it into your daily routine more often to improve your mental wellbeing. When I am out hiking I forget everything and just appreciate the beauty of nature around me. Actually, it’s a very good tool for stress relief in your everyday life. Just get outdoors!

I really hope you can integrate some of these tips into your daily routine. For me this year has been a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions and these activities have helped me a lot stay sane and positive. For me, productivity is also a very important part of my daily routine and results in more free time for myself. Here’s my blog post on how to be more productive at home.

Let me know if you have any tips for improving your daily routine in the comments!

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