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During this whole quarantine thing, we decided to do an adventurous day-trip to the Walchensee lake in Bavaria. It’s a beautiful crystal-clear lake in the mountains near Munich that you just have to come to, when you are traveling in Germany. So in this blog post, we are sharing everything you need to know on how to visit the Walchensee lake in Germany.

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Where is the Walchensee lake?

The lake is located 75 km south of Munich in the Bavarian Alps. It’s one of the biggest and deepest mountain lakes in Germany. From Munich the drive takes about 1h 15mins to get to. Sometimes the drive could take a little bit longer, since the last 8km before the lake are serpentines.

When is the best time to visit the Walchensee?

We actually came on a Sunday, which we would not recommend. On the weekend many people from Munich drive out of the city to go hiking near the Alps. That is why we would recommend going on weekdays if it is possible for you. Or at least try to arrive in the morning, because then it is much quieter. And also, the light in the morning is way better for taking pictures (if you are interested in that).

Where do I park/stay?

It was very crowded when we arrived there, so we had trouble finding a parking spot near to the lawn. In the end we were lucky and got a paid parking spot directly at the museum in Urfeld, which is 5 minutes by foot to the sunbathing area. Unfortunately, you can’t drive around the left side of the lake, because the street is closed. So your parking options are:

  • directly at the museum
  • parking spots in Urfeld (just follow the road through the town)
  • hiking parking lots in the serpentines (15-30mins walking to the lake)
  • parking around the lake (if you just follow the road around the lake, every once in a while there are little parking opportunities)

What can I do at the lake?

  • Hiking: Around the Walchensee Lake and the nearby Kochelsee Lake are many hiking routes. Depending on how long you want to walk you will definitely find a tour that fits your preferences. As we haven’t been hiking at the lake yet, we don’t have any experience with that. However, here you can find various hiking trails to choose from.
  • Sunbathing & Swimming: If you are more into a relaxing kind of day, there are many options for swimming and sunbathing around the lake. We were lying at the “Windsurfbeach Urfeld” from where you have a good view over the lake and you can also see the mountains in the background. The eastern side of the lake is probably the best for relaxing since the big street is on the other side and you have a better view in general.
  • Windsurfing/ SUP: Surprisingly, we saw many people windsurfing or doing SUP on the lake. So, that’s another activity you could do. Most people surfing were on the western beach around the place called “Walchensee” in Google Maps.

Our impressions from the Walchensee lake visit

That’s it with our guide to the Walchensee lake in Germany. We hope you enjoy your visit at the Walchensee lake.

If you have any furth questions, let us know in the comments. 🙂

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