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After doing two road trips last summer in Europe, my boyfriend and I wanted to do a real chillout vacation at the beach. That’s why we flew to Crete, Greece for one week. Let me tell you, I was so surprised by the beautiful beaches in Western Crete. It almost felt like we are in the Tropics, because of the turquoise and clear water. That’s why I’m going to share everything you need to know to visit these beaches. Where are the beaches? How can I get there? Is it crowded?

Balos Beach – the Crete Version of Whitehaven

Probably the most famous beach on Crete is Balos Beach on the very North-Western end of the island. As you are walking down to the beach from the parking lot it looks like a different version of the Whitehaven beach in Australia. The white sand and the different blue hues of the water look so dreamy.

Adress: Peninsula, Gramvousa 734 00, Greece
Driving time from Chania: 1,5 hours
Walking time from the parking lot: 30 minutes to the beach
Need to know: The last couple of km the street is very bad and it probably takes a little bit longer to get to the beach if it's crowded.

Elafonissi Beach – the (not so) Pink Beach

Also know as Cretes Pink Beach is the Elafonissi Beach. In my opinion it’s not actually a real pink beach, but you can find some pink sand here and there. This one can get very crowded, which is a little bit disturbing. However, if you walk a little bit downwards along the coast you can find more calm places to relax for the day. Keep in mind that it can very windy on this side of the island (and with that, I mean VERY windy). To be safe, you might check the weather beforehand.

Adress: Kissamos 730 01, Greece
Driving time from Chania: 1,5 hours
Walking time from the parking lot: 5 minutes
Need to know: Can get very windy. - Check the weather!

Seitan Limana – the Bay

The view when arriving at Seitan Limana is the best part of this beach. This beach is probably the most beautiful of the beaches in Western Crete. From the top, you can see the bay in between the cliffs. Climbing down is a little bit sketchy at some points, so it’s better to wear sneakers or good footwear. It’s a pebble stone beach, that’s why the water is crystal clear. Also, if you are into cliff jumping, this is your place to be. There are so many paths to climb around and jump in the blue water.

Adress: Seitan limania, Greece
Driving time from Chania: 0,5 hours
Walking time from the parking lot: 15 minutes
Need to know: Wear good footwear. Perfect for cliff jumping.

Preveli Beach – the Palm Tree Heaven

This beach could also exist in Bali or somewhere else in Asia. The palm trees give this place a very special vibe. To get there you can park at the Park4Night parking spot south of the beach. From there it’s a 15-minute walk along the coast to get to the Preveli Beach. The best part of this beach is actually the river that flows directly into the ocean at the shore. If you walk along the river you’ll find beautiful places to relax and enjoy this dreamy place.

Adress of the parking spot: 35.1533, 24.4783 (lat,Ing) - the coordinates of the parking spot
Driving time from Chania: 1,75 hours
Walking time from the parking lot: 15 minutes
Need to know: Park at the Park4Night parking spot for free.

I’ve enjoyed staying at every single one of the beaches. I would recommend coming early if you want to take pictures without being interrupted. Other than that it wasn’t overly crowded at any of these beaches. This could of course be due to the current travel situation and us being there in October. However, you must visit at least one of these gems when you are in Crete!

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