Due to COVID-19, nobody can travel at the moment. Knowing that everybody is in this situation right now makes it a little bit easier to cope with. However, we really miss going on adventures and exploring new places during quarantine. I guess, we are not the only ones struggling with the travel restrictions all over the world. That is the reason why we want to show you some easy and fun ways to feed your wanderlust and go on little adventures around your home.

DISCLAIMER: In Germany and some other countries you are allowed to go outside with one person from another household. Please inform yourself about the rules in your country first.

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Have a picnic

As it is slowly getting warmer outside and summer is just around the corner, a picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy the sun. Just pack a blanket, pillows, and some snacks (let’s be honest that’s the most important part) and look for a place to chill in a park or just any green spot. It’s such a lovely feeling to spend some time outside and just enjoy the sun with a friend. If you don’t want to do a full-on picnic, you could just sit down in a park and have a chat. It’s little adventures like these, that bring us happiness during quarantine.

Order takeaway and eat it outside

At the moment you can’t really go to restaurants and eat out, so you most likely eat at home all the time. By now you might already be bored by always having the same eating kind of situation. To get variation into that, just order something for takeaway and eat it somewhere outside with a nice view. Maybe you even explore some cool places beforehand. We did this many times already, where we bought pizza and drove up a hill to watch the sunset while enjoying our food. It’s not only way more fun than eating at home, but you also support your locals by ordering food.

Explore places around your home

This is actually a great way to get that wanderlust fed. Look for beautiful places around your home town on Google, Pinterest, or Instagram and explore them on little day adventures during quarantine. You’ll be surprised about the hidden gems that are waiting for you to be discovered.

Because let’s be honest, we all are guilty of not appreciating our home as much, are we? That’s why it’s fun to explore your own area, that you sometimes don’t even know that well. Just try it out! Long and I found a castle, that is only 10 minutes away from our home. It even has a little garden and when the sun sets the light is so beautiful. Until Corona we didn’t even know this place existed.

Fernweh (n.) : A strong desire to travel and visit far off places. “Craving for travel.”

Take your bike and just drive around

Taking your bike and just driving somewhere you have never been before or just taking a new route can give you a feeling of freedom. It’s not quite the same as driving on a scooter in Bali, but it is special in its own kind of way. Eventually, you’ll find some new paths that you have never even know existed. It’s a fun way of exploring the area and you even get some exercise in.

Find hidden corners in your hometown

Every town or city has those little hidden alleys or spots. These places are a little bit of the path and you have to consciously search for them. This makes finding them way more interesting and we definitely need adventures like this in quarantine. Oftentimes, these spots make very good photo locations, too. So, you also could take some nice shots for your Instagram. We took these pictures in our hometown Bayreuth.

Day-hike adventures during quarantine

Another way to get out and exploring is to do day-hikes around your home. We are very lucky, as we have the Fichtelmountains nearby. Ideally, you lookup a nice route and just spend the day outside in the forest. I promise you, you’ll have the best mood afterward! You could also take your camera and take some beautiful shots of nature. Aaaand don’t forget to bring snacks, as you’ll probably be hungry after some time.

Remake a dish from one of your travels

This is actually not really an adventure during quarantine, but it can definitely feed your wanderlust. During your travels you had hundreds of unique meals from many countries ( depends on how much you already have traveled). Some of them you might have liked a lot and they might still be stuck in your head now. At least, that was the case for us. Sophia ate a Rice Cake Ramen in Singapore, that she just couldn’t get out of her head. (It was SOOO GOOD guys!) Some days ago, we decided to recreate it. We looked up recipes on Pinterest and found one that looked very promising. So, we tried it and wow, I felt like I was sitting in Singapore!

We hope you enjoyed our little Anti-Fernweh-Blogpost. Let us know which of the quarantine adventures you are going to try out. 🙂 If you are struggling with staying positive during being quarantined, here’s our blog post with some tips.

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